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Müller History Facts

Lectures by History Facts

We aim to do lectures at clubs, societys and exhibitions in respect to the subjects treated within the scope of our business. Peter Mueller will be very pleased to speak during your event! In the past we have spoken regarding the following topics. Therefore we are able to make attractive offers:

  • Tank production in the Third Reich (duration about 50 minutes)
  • Heinkel He 162 (duration about 30 minutes)
  • StuG in scale modelling (duration about 30 minutes)

Our royalty depends on the type of exhibition, the goal of the lecture and amount of time we need to get perfectly prepared for you. The royalty is free of taxes outside of Switzerland; in Switzerland we have to add the usual VAT. For this reason we cannot offer at flat rate.

Just contact us at . We will be more than pleased to make an interesting offer for you!

The German Propaganda Mortar 41

The German Propaganda Mortar 41 (Pr. W. 41) was used to throw propaganda material over a distance of up to 3,2 km over the heads of the adversary. (HF)

The German Propaganda Mortar 41

The Propaganda Mortar 41 shell was filled with up to 350 g of leaflets (which corresponds to about 200-250 pieces of paper in the size A5). The leaflets were expelled about 100-300 meters above the target and distributed by the rolled-up spring. (HF)