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OKH Toy Factory The Nibelungenwerk: Tank Production in St. Valentin

The Nibelungenwerk: Tank Production in St. Valentin

Behind the camouflage name „OKH Toy Factory“ plans to build a new tank factory in Austria were hidden. Most secret have been all plans to build the tank works and to run the production. By building this wide spread factory, the small village of St. Valentin was rapidly developed to a most important armament place in the Third Reich.

Although hindered by war restrictions the tank factory was growing from 1941 – 1945 to become biggest manufacturer of Panzerkampfwagen IV.

The author, Michael Winninger, used original documents of the former Nibelungenwerk GmbH and official authorities as well as photographs for his deep research. He lives in closest distance to the former “Nibelungenwerk” and was researching the topic for years.

This book is the standard publication on the most important German tank manufacturing company of World War II.It includes some 320 historical photographs and documents, most published for the first time, 1 map and some tables. Format: 20*28 cm, 367 pages, Hardcover.

ISBN: 978-3-905944-04-4


Here some reading samples from different chapters:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (165 KB)

Plant Facilities

Extension Phase I (1024 KB)

Plant Housing

Herzograd (1589 KB)


Foreign Workers (992 KB)


1941 - 1942 (3581 KB)

Air Raids

Protections (1708 KB)

Final Days...

...and Post War Periode (3173 KB)


Literature & Sources (129 KB)

Readers opinions

Denis Herve (Belgium)

A little known campaign and a well done effort. This is a nice companion to "Panzerkampfgruppe Strachwitz". While a small book in terms of length, this volume helps fill an important niche in the history of Army Group North's futile attempts to hold back the Red Army.

Surely you have spent a very long time to check archives and gather all those information and photos. The result is first class and beyond any expectation.


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