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Müller History Facts

Political stance

The Internet site of Müller History Facts deals with a topic and an epoch that even outside of Germany or Austria is not free from emotions. Our concern is to separate from politics military technology aspects of interest in this context. We would therefore like to make the following statements on our political position:

  • We quote documents or extracts from texts and show original documents to convey the processes, the mood of the relevant time and the problems and to explain where we get information from. We cannot prevent the language usage of that time from becoming apparent.
  • We present armament processes from the point of view that more armament would be better. Only then can we correctly grasp the problems of that time. Because of that, it might be alleged that we might be favorably disposed towards the First or Second World War or other armed conflicts. That is absolutely not the case!
  • We look into the production of military equipment and must therefore also take note of the fact that during the Third Reich, prisoners of war, deportees from occupied countries and concentration camp inmates were used by the armament industry under most horrible conditions. That is the sad reality. But it is not the subject of this Internet site to deal with this matter in further detail.

We therefore expressly distance ourselves from any and all imperialistic or national socialist ideology, from the use of prisoners and deportees in the armament industry and, in particular, from the language usage of the Third Reich!

Joseph Goebbels

Reich Minister for Public enlightment
and propaganda, Dr. Joseph Goebbels