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Müller History Facts


Should you have specific questions regarding the subjects treated whithin the scope of history facts, you may order an archive investigation to review this subject. Expenses for the research depend on the complexity and to what extent the information is at our disposal. For any request please contact us under . We will be happy to make you an offer. Following you will find our price list and a couple of thoughts regarding the expenses for our research:

Content of our Archive

Our Archive is divided in four parts with specific accesses:

  • Folders with original documents, -plans and –pictures Since the folders are classified by topics e.g. PzKpfw III, reports Unterlüss, CIOS, war diaries – I will need rather a search order than a archive signature.
  • Publications A literature listing containing about 1500 titles is available (Pdf on request). Selected scans can be produced anytime. However we do not recommend making copies of complete publications or large parts of them, since expenses would be higher than the puchase of the book (and we'd not do it).
  • Microfilms NARA and from other sources These films are listed by „guides“. lists a large part of the guides in the internet (Pdf files). With these indexes you have access to millions of files. Should you need instructions or tips how to research, please contact us. You may as well contact me regarding films available in our archive. These films can also be lent. Legibility on the films is not always great, but in most cases ok.
  • uehrerprotokolle Speers complete „Fuehrerprotokolle“ (i.e. the minutes from Speers conferences with Hitler) are available in electronic form - list on request.
Heavy recce vehicle

A German heavy recce vehicle with 7.5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone (SdKfz 233)
was captured by US troops and then used for their own puposes (HF)

Tactical report

During the attack against Merseburg (synthetic fuel works) May 8th, 1944 there
was only one lone German aricraft spotted (HF)

The History Facts archive is private and therefore not subsidized. For this reason third party orders have to be calculated to cover our expenses.

Time needed for research
time needed for preparing files accounts for € 25.—per opened 30 minutes. Extracting information out of the folders is not very time consuming. Books are classified by listings and are easily retractable. Microfilms are a bit more difficult to locate. You can speed up the process by indicating via the Pdf guides signature and frame (form: film T73/roll 186/frame12345678).

Expenses for scanning (files, publications, microfilm)
€ 25.— per opened 30 minutes. Expenses for a scan in black and white € 1.25 per page, in grey 300 dpi € 1.50, in color 300 dpi (color pictures) € 2.— per page. Other resolutions to be offered by request. Delivery: unzipped *.PDF.

Führerprotokolle (copies)
per protocol € 10.— all inclusive plus € 5.— per page. Delivery: *.PDF.

We make an estimate depending on your request. Your payment of the estimated expense using Paypal or our bank account. Before delivery your final expenses will be determined.

Delivery depending on content and volumes delivery is executed by eMail, Ftp-Download or mail.