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Heinkel He 162 "Volksjäger" Last-Ditch Effort by the Luftwaffe

Heinkel He 162

The primary objective of this source edition is to provide readers with original documents, allowing them to form their own impression of the development, manufacture and operation of the Heinkel He 162. By linking this accumulated data with the historical situation of those times, we hope to have facilitated a more objective assessment of the “Volksjäger” project.

For the purposes of this book, around 200 file documents were selected from a multitude of material on the Heinkel He 162 and reproduced in their original state. Complementing them are some 140 photographs, some of them unpublished hitherto, 50 scale drawings, 30 colour plates and innumerable citations from contemporary documents, teleprints, orders, lectures, reviews and intelligence reports.

To make orientation easy, documents and illustrations are arranged in chapters that follow the historic pass off: Project, devlopment of the Heinkel He 162, manufacturing of the "Volksjaeger", in action within the Luftwaffe and allied war booty are the most important topics. For the first time we achieved to brake down the production and delivery numbers of the Heinkel He 162. Our Source Edition >Heinkel He 162 "Volksjaeger" . Last-Ditch Effort of the Luftwaffe contains 430 pages of 20x28 cm in Softcover. Most of the original documents are not translated, but discussed in the text. A German-English glossary helps to unterstand the content of those original files.

Rounding off the publication is a comprehensive annex giving details of propulsion units, camouflage schemes, armament, the cockpit, plus the various versions of the Heinkel He 162. An index of individals, place names and subjects and a list of sources and literature, both covering several pages, enables to work sciantifically with our Source Edition >Heinkel He 162 "Volksjaeger". Last-Ditch Effort of the Luftwaffe.

ISBN: 978-3-9522968-0-6


Rear Cover

Rear Cover (Soft- or Hardcover edition, (825 KB)

Table of contents

Table of contents (57 KB)

Wartime backdrop

Wartime backdrop (279 KB)

Projekt "Kleinstjäger" [Midget-Fighter]

Midget-Fighter (108 KB)

Devlopment of the He 162

Devlopment of the He 162 (407 KB)

Manufacturing the He 162

Manufacturing (891 KB)

The He 162 in action

Volksjaeger in action (754 KB)


Appendix (1192 KB)

Readers opinions

Bruce W. Deane (Alexandria, Virginia)

... and I have a great treasure to read. Your research really complements my library and this particular aircraft in the collection. Question, are you doing any future books? We share a common interest, past, and desire to learn more about technology in Germany 1933-1945. I am also a recently retired fighter pilot (F-4 C/D/E/G, 3000 hrs) and Nellis Weapons Fighter Weapons School graduate. ...

Keep me posted on your projects and congratulations on a job well done.

IPMS, 2010-08-28

…a unique glimpse into the war time attitude and capability of the armament industry inside of Germany.

Randy Bumgardner (Administrator

I have to say that this is an amazing piece of work. The technical research and presentation is superb, as is the supporting documentation - original documentation. I wish there were more references like this out there for more aircraft.

Jim Davis (St.Charles, MO USA)

... The book does contain a very complete and comprehensive history of the background, design, production, and operations of the He 162. The appendices are particularly interesting detailing the engines, weapons, instruments, ejection seat, camouflage and markings, and cockpit of the aircraft. The line drawings are well done but not overly detailed. There is a nice inboard profile. Color is restricted to 10 pages of color schemes and unit insignia that are not up to current standards, however. This is the big problem with the book. Production standards are, well, substandard.... Still, this is still a well researched and written account of the He 162...

You can't really go wrong buying this book. It will tell you all you'll really need to know on the subject...

Leon Venter (New Kent, Virginia)

The book contains a collection of about 200 primary source documents, describing the aircraft's development, testing, production and operational history. It includes reprints of several manuals, as well as details about performance and specifications, armament, power plants, variations, camouflage and markings, and captured machines. However, the book is more than just a compilation of documents. Each section contains a substantial amount of text, in which the author provides detailed interpretations and conclusions, backed by extensive footnotes and a comprehensive list of sources. Where surviving documentation is inconclusive, the author states his assumptions and explains his reasoning. Cons: Photo reproduction is not the best, but it's OK. The scale drawings (1/48th) are not very detailed.

Summary: The best reference on the He 162. A very thorough, readable and balanced account -- highly recommended. I hope this publisher will go on to cover other types in the same manner.

Reviews (8/2010)

... a unique glimpse into the war time attitude and capability of the armament industry inside of Germany. (Glen Porter)

Highly informative and an interesting read, excellent art-work. Covers all aspects of the subject aircraft.
Very few reference books give you so much information on the military and political situation which led to the design and production of the subject, but thats how this one begins. ... I have many aircraft reference books. Some are just text, a set of plans and some colour profiles. Others tend towards “Walk-arounds” and technical diagrms. This one has the lot and is a darn good read to boot. In the conclusion, the auther states that the He 162 was of more benefit to the Allies that to the Nazis and after reading this I would have to agree.

Up there with the best aircraft references. (Randy Bumgardner)

If you are planning a build of the Heinkel He 162, or even interested in this aircraft from a purely historical perspective, then this book will certainly interest you. ...
The book is in a softcover format and weighs in at 430 pages. It contains many original documents, photographs, and drawings. The book also contains color profiles of many airframes, from prototype and pre-production aircraft through the final production phase. Each profile contains additional notes pertaining to that particular profile. Over 200 original RLM and Heinkel documents are presented in the book, presented in their original format, with the accompanying text providing a translation where appropriate and describing the context and events of the times surrounding it. There are many technical drawings included ... [which] will be invaluable to the modeler, as will the 140 photographs, some never published before. The book is ... written against the context of the “bigger picture” of the time. Thus, the reader is provided the background information necessary to draw their own conclusions concerning the design, development, and production of the “Volksjäger”...
This book is a treasure chest of information on the He 162. It provides much technical and contextual information on the type and the state of affairs surrounding it. The color plates and notes provide excellent details on the prototypes and pre-production models. This is not a book to be missed by anyone with an interest in the Luftwaffe, especially an interest in the Volksjäger.

Highly Recommended.

Aeroplane 8/07 (Mike Hooks)

This new softback offers a different approach to its subject by providing readers with sight of original documents and statements in German to allow an impression of the devlopment, manufacture and operation of the He 162. ... A tender in 1944 was issued to seven manufacturers calling for an emergency fighter with a single jet. Various presentations were examinated an the He 162 design was selected. ... The author gives a very detailed account of the He 162 ... The variety of colour schemes is shown in drawings, also the emblems used by the JG 1 on their '162s, while armament is also discussed and illustrated. Anyone interested in German aircraft development will find this a fascinating, if rather expensiv book.

... For readers seeking pictorial sizzle, this is not the best book around. For those more interested in data, Mueller's workmanlike job won't disappoint.
Mueller's approach highlights not just the technical aspects of the He 162, but also the context in which the aircraft was developed and the progress of the war as a whole which prevented its deployment in combat. ...
As he does throughout the book, Mueller supplements his text with reproductions of original diagrams and documents. ...
Although all the documents are in German, the remainder of the book is written in completely serviceable English. The chapter on "The He 162 in Action" in particular incorporates Mueller's effort to integrate the aircraft into the milieu in which it existed. ...

Heinkel He 162 Volksjaeger proves to be a very worthwhile effort from History Facts ...