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Müller History Facts

Company profile

"Müller History Facts" is a sole proprietorship under Swiss law based in Andelfingen (Switzerland). The company's objective is to conduct basic research and to produce and market history books. Müller History Facts specializes in conducting research on the military material of the First and Second World War. We explore the development, production, function and appearance of the weapons, ammunition and military devices used during that time. As far as military material is concerned, Müller History Facts owns one of the largest private archives in Europe, with thousands of original documents, historical photographs and pertinent books.

Our location in Switzerland gives us an opportunity to research facts without any historical bias and to objectively prepare them. In our research activities, we draw on relevant reference books, historical records and photographs as well as on specialists from a variety of fields. For our research, we have access to one of the largest private archives on Europe, with thousands of original records and documents as well as more than thousen reference books. In addition, our research takes us to publicly accessible archives and museums worldwide.

The background of the proprietor and manager of Müller History Facts, Peter Müller, combines training as a historian with military leadership experience and with wide-ranging experience at management level. He has been studying military material used from 1914-1945 for 25 years, with a focus on German armored vehicles. This background gives him an in-depth perspective on the subject, which is very beneficial for the readers.

Müller History Facts scrutinizes, interlinks and completes pertinent statements and, in so doing, arrives at new insights. Historical information is:

  • Thoroughly analyzed and interpreted
  • Completed with our own thoughts
  • Made tangible (comprehensible) with connections and explanations
  • Presented in a structured and reader-friendly manner
  • Illustrated with graphics and tables

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